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How to keep your Weaknesses from Destroying your Church

One of the realities of parenting is seeing my negative patterns and weaknesses replicated in my kids. It would be lovely if my kids reflected all of the strengths but none of my weaknesses.  But my kids in reality seem

12 Questions for starting a new ministry

12 Questions For Starting a New (or Evaluating a Current) Ministry

Have you carefully thought through a new ministry that you want to start? Have you evaluated your current ministries? Here are 12 planning questions that will help you think through starting a new ministry or evaluating a current one. Consider planning a


The Art of Finding Solutions

Helping people does not always mean giving them answers.  The most helpful, loving and powerful thing I can do for another person might be to ask them a question rather than give them a solution.  Many of us are skilled


7 Reasons that People Quit Serving

It wasn’t clear what I was supposed to do. I wasn’t sure who I was responsible to. I didn’t receive any real training or direction. No one ever told me how I was doing. I was continually asked to do


Stop Doing Everything Yourself

So many of us feel like we are overworked and responsible for too many things.  Having too many priorities keeps us from focusing on the things that are most important. In coaching leaders who struggle with this, I often have