Brian Howard has over 20 years of proven leadership and coaching experience. He has successfully coached hundreds of leaders toward accelerating their growth and accomplishing their goals. Brian is the Executive Director of Context Coaching Inc.

Brian specializes in coaching high potential people, organizational leaders, and pastors looking for someone to walk alongside them in order to help them achieve their goals.  Brian has extensive experience successfully coaching:

  • Leaders who want to accelerate their own personal growth and achieve goals
  • Leaders who are looking to work smarter rather than harder
  • Pastors who desire to be more effective in their ministries.
  • Church planters who are navigating the seasons and struggles of a church plant.
  • People who are looking to balance life and work priorities
  • Churches who are looking to navigate transitions
  • Churches that are stuck and are looking to break through barriers
  • Organizations who are looking to develop the skills of high potential leaders

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