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Stop Doing Everything Yourself

So many of us feel like we are overworked and responsible for too many things.  Having too many priorities keeps us from focusing on the things that are most important. In coaching leaders who struggle with this, I often have


What to do Instead of Planting a Church with a Partner (Part 2)

Over the past week I have written a series of posts recommending that Church Planters not plant with an equal partner. This is final post of the series builds on my previous three posts. Three Recommendations for Church Planters 1.


6 things to do Instead of Planting a Church with a Partner (Part 1)

The single greatest mistake that you can make when you plant a church…. plant with an equal partner. In my previous two posts, I suggested four reasons why it is not a good idea to plant a church with an

How to be a friend

How to take your Friendships to a new Level

Interested in learning to be a better friend, parent, or spouse? One of the ways to take your friendships to a new level is to learn to implement a few skills that coaches use. A commitment to developing these skills


A Plan to take over the World

I once heard a person say “The world belongs to those who read.”   Over the years, I have read hundreds of books.  I have read books on history, culture, theology, finance, business, bicycling, poker, Steve Jobs, Katniss Everdeen, and