100 Principles for Leadership

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100 Leadership Lessons

Over the past 18 months, I have written over 65,000 words and 130 blog posts. I write on leadership, leadership development, productivity, staffing, priority management, and family leadership. I have synthesized my last 18 months of writing into an e-book called 100 Principles for Leadership. This new e-book contains 100 different principles for leadership that I have personally learned, lived out, and implemented.

Clicking on any one of these 100 lessons in my e-book will take you directly to a detailed explanation of the leadership principle. My hope is that in reading these 100 Principles you will be challenged to live and to lead with greater intentionality and purpose.

Packed with Leadership Wisdom.

Leadership Development
Priority Management
Organizational Leadership
Family Leadership

For a limited time, you can download my new e-book for free.

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Posted by Brian Howard

My focus is to help YOU move forward one step at a time. I write about church excellence, personal productivity, and family leadership. I coach leaders, start churches, and help organizations break growth barriers. My goal is to draw on this experience to help YOU move forward in life, leadership, and productivity.