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Truly Successful People know these 2 things

On this blog I write about Priority Management, Productivity, Leadership, Church Staffing, Family Leadership, and other very practical things. I have spent the last 20 years honing, training and coaching leaders in these areas. But under all of these things


One thing you must do in your Relationships and your Career

Overnight success is rare. To achieve real success, you have to pay your dues.┬áBy “Paying your dues” I mean earning respect because you have worked hard and been present over a long period. Consider the importance of paying your dues


How to put a stop to Bible Reading Failure

Over the years, I have tried every Bible reading plan that I could find. It seems that a million times I have decided to read through the Bible in a year. This process begins in January and might or might

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What could you accomplish if you challenged yourself?

Lebron? Maybe not. But what could you accomplish if you challenged yourself?


Are you a Church Planting Failure?

In the business world, it is both known and expected that entrepreneurs often repeatedly fail on the way to success. In the Church planting world, failure seems to suck the soul out of the church planter. I know of many