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How a Family Plan Could Change Everything

Today’s guest post is by Barry Rager. I have had the privilege of coaching Barry for the past 2 years. Barry is a Church Planter and Pastor at New Circle Church in inner-city Indianapolis. After a rough few months as

How To Network The Right Way

Networking may be the most valuable thing that a leader can do in today’s leadership culture. I have spent my entire adult life networking, and now know thousands of people all over the world. Being part of and building a


3 Coaching Spots Opening. Interested?

Over the next couple of months I will be taking on three new leaders to coach. I am writing this blog post today because you may be interested in being one of these three leaders. Over the past 10 years I


How to Endure Hard times

In 1989, I suddenly found myself in San Diego, CA, wondering how the heck I had ended up in Navy Basic Training.  Overnight I had gone from living a calm and peaceful life to being in an environment of extreme


Home is the Place for Loving Correction

Recently, my wife and I realized that one of our four children was really struggling in the way that he handled correction from us.  (Our kids range in age from 7-14 years old)  When we correct him, he responds by