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5 Things You Absolutely Must do to have a Healthy Marriage

Recently I had the opportunity to hear my friend, Leonce Crump, pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta, speak to a group of 300 or so pastors and church leaders on the topic of how to have a healthy marriage. It


7 things I Want My Kids to Know about Me

1. That I love God I want my kids to know that I believe in a God, who created the Universe and created me to know him. The way that I live, the decisions that I make, the way that


How to keep your Kids from Derailing your Marriage

  In 2004, my wife and I spent four days in Puerto Vallarta celebrating our ten-year anniversary. We left our three small children behind and were together on a vacation for the first time in nearly five years. During this


Presence: The Key to Real Relationships

One of the most valuable things that I have learned in recent years is the importance of Presence.  Presence is important for healthy friendships, healthy marriages, and successful parenting.  By presence, I mean showing up both physically and emotionally.   Many