Speed Up or Slow Down?

Some of us need to speed up. We find reasons to not make decisions or initiate conversations. We procrastinate, avoid conflict, and are perfectionists.

Others of us need to slow down. We do everything so quickly that we get ourselves in trouble. We fire off emotional emails, make phone calls the minute we sense that there is any conflict, and make major decisions quickly.

Speed up Slow Down

Speed Up Already

Instead of being paralyzed by decisions or projects, remember that perfectionism is the enemy of progress. The stars don’t have to be perfectly aligned for you to make a decision. Choose to make a decision.

Instead of continuously finding reasons to avoid conflict, realize that conflict does not go away when you procrastinate. In fact, conflict often worsens with procrastination. Initiate the conflict that you know is necessary.

Instead of keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself, realize that you have a valuable contribution to make. Your wisdom is critical for us in the slow down category. Step up and make your voice heard. You might scare the rest of us, but that is probably what we need.

Slow the Heck Down

Instead of making your decisions so rapidly, take a little more time to research, reflect, and consider. You will likely make a better decision by slowing down.

Instead of initiating conflict the moment that you sense tension, give yourself some time to let your emotions settle. I don’t mean 5 minutes but a day or two. We all know that you aren’t afraid of conflict.  You will probably be thinking more clearly tomorrow.

Instead of always speaking so quickly, slow down your communication. Think before you speak. For more than 5 seconds. You will find yourself needing to apologize a lot less.

Comment even if only with two words.  Which two words most describe you:  Speed Up or Slow Down?


Posted by Brian Howard

My focus is to help YOU move forward one step at a time. I write about church excellence, personal productivity, and family leadership. I coach leaders, start churches, and help organizations break growth barriers. My goal is to draw on this experience to help YOU move forward in life, leadership, and productivity.