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How to Hire the Right Assistant

Hiring an assistant is almost always a wise and important move for a leader. So important that I argue that the first person that you should hire is an assistant. Why? Because you have too much specialized training and are


Should We Hire from the Inside or Outside?

You have an open position. Do you bring someone in from the outside to fill it? Or do you hire a person from the inside that you already know? Tough Decision! Here are a few things to consider: Why you


Stop Making this Major Hiring Mistake

Have you ever made a bad hire? Hiring the wrong person can bring very painful consequences for both you and your organization. The wise saying “Hire slowly and fire quickly” is often practiced in reverse becoming “Hire quickly and fire


How to Find the Right Person to Hire

Staffing is a great challenge for any leader or organization. In my work with pastors I am often asked questions about staffing. Who should I hire? When should I hire? Should I hire from within or look outside? Here are