Stop Making this Major Hiring Mistake

Have you ever made a bad hire?

Hiring Mistakes

Hiring the wrong person can bring very painful consequences for both you and your organization. The wise saying “Hire slowly and fire quickly” is often practiced in reverse becoming “Hire quickly and fire slowly.” Interested in one simple step that you that can help you avoid making future bad hires?  Making this conscious decision in advance can save a lot of pain.  Here it is:

Know Yourself before you Hire

Knowing your personality well, prior to hiring can save you a lot of trauma in your work environment  When you know your personality well, you will know well the kind of person that you interact well within your work. It is possible to hire a person with good character who is a hard worker, but is a bad fit because of work styles and personalities.

An example from my work life:

I naturally struggle to ask for help and by default have to focus on delegating things rather than doing them all myself. Realizing this fact about myself helps me focus on making the right kind of hires.

When hiring an assistant I need a person who is driven, motivated, and who initiates communication with me. I need an assistant who takes action without waiting for instructions. I need an assistant who is willing to ask forgiveness rather than permission. I prefer to work with people who get things done on their own rather than waiting for me to tell them what to do.

What about you?

What is your work style? What kind of person do you need around you to help you succeed? Who do you need on your team to accentuate your strengths and complement your weaknesses. A good hire involves more than skill set.  A good hire takes work style and personality into account.

Save yourself and your organization a lot of pain.  Know yourself, Know your personality and Know the kind of person that compliments you well.

What have you learned about hiring?  Please comment! I read every comment and would love for my readers to learn from your insights.

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