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Firing 101: How to Fire a Person

Firing a person is one of the most difficult things that a leader has to do. Perhaps you¬†need to release a person because of a character deficiency, a competence issue, or a giftedness miss.¬†Seminary didn’t teach you how to fire


7 Steps to Developing Leaders in your Church

I encounter few pastors who have any real plan for intentional leadership development. Most, instead, rely on imported ready-made “leaders.” We say that we value developing leaders, but often times we just are not sure where to begin. Earlier this


How to Develop Leaders in your Church

Many pastors have no essential plan for developing leaders. We (hopefully) know how to interpret the Bible, how to preach, and how to counsel, but are often ineffective at training both current and future church leaders. There is perhaps no


Should We Hire from the Inside or Outside?

You have an open position. Do you bring someone in from the outside to fill it? Or do you hire a person from the inside that you already know? Tough Decision! Here are a few things to consider: Why you


What Should we Do with our Older People?

Now that I am well into my 40’s, I constantly notice how youthful society seems. Those of you in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s probably see this even more. Everyone looks young. News broadcasters look younger than ever; people far