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How to Make the Best Use of an Assistant

Hiring an assistant is one of the best decisions you can make as a leader. Why? Because many leaders spend the majority of their time doing things they are not uniquely gifted to do when those things could all be


How to Hire the Right Assistant

Hiring an assistant is almost always a wise and important move for a leader. So important that I argue that the first person that you should hire is an assistant. Why? Because you have too much specialized training and are


The Second Staff Person a Church should Hire

Adding a second paid person to a church staff is a momentous occasion. You have grown! You can afford to hire someone! But who should a solo pastor or church planter should add to the “staff” team? A worship leader?


Stop Making this Major Hiring Mistake

Have you ever made a bad hire? Hiring the wrong person can bring very painful consequences for both you and your organization. The wise saying “Hire slowly and fire quickly” is often practiced in reverse becoming “Hire quickly and fire


Why Leaders Fail with their Assistants

Have you had a hard conversation with your assistant lately? Being unwilling to engage in conflict with your assistant can ruin your working relationship. Here are four mistakes to avoid with those who assist you: 1. Assuming your assistant can