Hello World

I will never forget the day that Tiger Woods announced his decision to become a professional golfer.  His success as an amateur was unprecedented.  He made his entrance with two words, “Hello World.”  For the last two decades we have witnessed a new level of golf that Tiger brought to a new generation.

After a long career in leadership, I have made the decision that it is time for me to start writing.  For 22 years I have been starting things, growing things, leading organizations, managing people, and improving my productivity.  Over the past ten years I have coached several hundred leaders in these same things.

I will write about things that I have learned, and will write about the things that I am learning.   So welcome to my blog.  I will be posting three times a week-writing on personal productivity, wise living, leadership, strategic planning, and occasionally off of these topics.

Much of my background is in church leadership.  I have started churches, grown churches, led churches, and coached hundreds of church leaders.  If you are a church leader, subscribe to this blog and I will help you think through what it looks like for you to lead in your environment.  If you are a leader of any kind, I am interested in talking and growing with you.

If you are interested, subscribe and join me.


Posted by Brian Howard

My focus is to help YOU move forward one step at a time. I write about church excellence, personal productivity, and family leadership. I coach leaders, start churches, and help organizations break growth barriers. My goal is to draw on this experience to help YOU move forward in life, leadership, and productivity.

  1. Looks really good!


  2. Brian,

    Great work on the web site and blog. Glad to know you will be sharing your wisdom on this blog on a regular basis!


  3. Glad you are finally sharing your wisdom with the world. This way, you can continue to mentor me from the web! Looking forward to your posts.


  4. I am excited to see what you have in store for us!


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