Four Planning Questions for 2015

For the past several years, I have found it to be helpful to carve out time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. In reflecting on the past, I am able to celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, and be aware of things that are unfinished.  In planning for the future, I am putting in place a map that helps to guide how I spend time, energy, and priorities.

Daniel Harkavy, in his book Becoming a Coaching Leader, asserts that most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their lives.  In my coaching practice, I have found that there is a lot of truth to this!  But spending even a small amount of time reflecting and planning can yield amazing results.

My challenge to you as 2014 comes to a close… Take some time to reflect on 2014 and plan for 2015.  Just a couple of hours of thinking and making some notes will prove to be amazingly beneficial.

Here is the exercise:

Sometime over the next few days carve out a couple of hours to reflect on this past year and plan for next year.  I have listed below four questions in looking back and four questions in looking forward.

Compass on Map

Reflecting on and Completing 2014

  1. What was your biggest triumph of this past year?
  2. What was the greatest lesson you learned this past year?
  3. Who are the three people that had the greatest impact on your life this past year?
  4. What do you need to do or say to be finished with 2014?

Looking Forward to and Planning 2015

  1. What are three goals that you have for 2015?
  2. What would you most like to change about yourself in this next year?
  3. What are you looking forward to learning in 2015?
  4. Who are you committed to loving and serving in 2015?

Make sure to allocate a couple of hours for this and to write down your thoughts.  When you finish, feel free to share some of your reflections in the comments from this post.  I am hoping and praying for wisdom and growth for you as you move into 2015!


Posted by Brian Howard

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