When in Doubt, Choose your Family

Choose your family

We all make choices daily concerning how to spend our time. For husbands and fathers, here is a simple principle when considering these decisions:

When in doubt, choose your family.

What should I do on a given evening or this weekend? Should I go to a basketball game with a friend who has invited me? Should I take that out of town trip? Should I do that weekend away with the guys? Or should I spend time with my family? How do I decide?

One perspective: My kids will be fine without me. They have plenty of things to do and won’t even miss me. I really need this time away.

Another perspective: You are the only dad your kids have. You are the only husband your wife has. You can’t ever get that time away back.

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I am not saying that you should never leave home or not pursue a hobby. But as a husband and father, your presence at home is critical. You can’t ever get the time back that you choose to be away. So when faced with the choice that seems like a toss up, I suggest:

When in doubt, choose your family. You’ll never regret it.

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Posted by Brian Howard

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