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Why We Can’t Be Friends

Pastor Tim Keller Of Redeemer Community Church recently tweeted, True gospel-humility means I stop connecting every experience, every conversation, with myself. — Timothy Keller (@timkellernyc) March 19, 2014 It seems that there are so few people who genuinely know how

12 Questions for starting a new ministry

12 Questions For Starting a New (or Evaluating a Current) Ministry

Have you carefully thought through a new ministry that you want to start? Have you evaluated your current ministries? Here are 12 planning questions that will help you think through starting a new ministry or evaluating a current one. Consider planning a


The Art of Finding Solutions

Helping people does not always mean giving them answers.  The most helpful, loving and powerful thing I can do for another person might be to ask them a question rather than give them a solution.  Many of us are skilled