Struggling to Get Started?

Struggling to Get Started?

Feeling overwhelmed by a large project?  Struggling to get started?  Many of us look at a project and feel so overwhelmed that we can’t figure out how to get started.  With a large task or project, the question that we often fail to ask is:

“What is the very next step I need to take?”

By not asking this question, we fail to get started.  The very next step you need to take might be to:

  • Schedule 30 minutes to brainstorm possibilities
  • Pick up the phone and make a call
  • Spend 15 minutes cleaning out one drawer
  • Write 2 paragraphs
  • Clear ten emails out of your box

We all feel overwhelmed at times. But instead of focusing on how big a project is and failing to do anything, take 5 minutes right now and ask yourself the question “What is the very next step I need to take?”

What have you learned about tackling a large project? Comment and let us know!

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Posted by Brian Howard

My focus is to help YOU move forward one step at a time. I write about church excellence, personal productivity, and family leadership. I coach leaders, start churches, and help organizations break growth barriers. My goal is to draw on this experience to help YOU move forward in life, leadership, and productivity.