Are you Tired of being Busy?

Are you tired of being busy?

In college, I remember feeling like I was really busy. I was busy because there were sports to play, people to hang out with, parties to go to, and professors that actually expected me to study.

I can’t believe I thought I was busy in college. Life today seems exponentially busier than those days. Everyone I know is too busy. No one (except for my kids) ever tells me that they are bored. Most of us have completely packed calendars and have little or no margin.

But is this the only way?

Is there any way out of the chaos? Yes! There is hope IF you are proactive in the battle for margin. 

Here are two things suggestions to help you take back some time:


1. Say “No” more often.

What if you started saying, “No” to things?  Have you ever been invited to do something and said, “Yes” before you even thought it through? So often we say, “Yes” without even thinking. Then we end up doing a bunch of things we wish we had not committed to. This craziness happens because we say, “Yes” in the moment before we have even had time to think. Consider making it a rule to not say, “Yes” instantly. Instead say something like, “Thanks for the invitation! Let me give it some thought and get back to you.” You will probably say, “No” a lot more often by simply giving yourself some time to decide whether or not this is something that you want to commit to. Saying, “Yes” might not seem so attractive tomorrow. Your new slogan: “Just say ‘No.'” 

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Now on to strategy number 2 to help you take back time:


2. Quit one thing every week.

What if you made a commitment to quit doing one thing every week? I recently read an account of a person who quits one thing every Thursday. He calls it “Quit Thursdays.” The beauty of this habit is that you have to quit one thing, or you haven’t fulfilled your commitment on “Quit Thursdays.” My friend and former coach Bob Logan, once said to me. “Every time you add one thing to your calendar, quit two things.” I love this advice. You can’t keep adding things to your schedule without quitting other things. Every time you add one thing, quit at least one other thing – or better yet, quit two things. And quit something every week.

What will you say, “No” to? What is one thing that you can quit today? Please comment and add your insight!

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Posted by Brian Howard

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