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The Art of Finding Solutions

Helping people does not always mean giving them answers.  The most helpful, loving and powerful thing I can do for another person might be to ask them a question rather than give them a solution.  Many of us are skilled


Why you Shouldn’t Hire another Staff Person

Convinced that you need more paid staff?  You might want to consider coaching before you make that move.  Here are three reasons why coaching is so valuable:


What to do Instead of Planting a Church with a Partner (Part 2)

Over the past week I have written a series of posts recommending that Church Planters not plant with an equal partner. This is final post of the series builds on my previous three posts. Three Recommendations for Church Planters 1.


Why do I keep talking about coaching?

You probably know that I talk quite a bit about coaching and lead a coaching company called Context Coaching. But the whole idea of coaching is unfamiliar to a lot of people. What does it look like when I coach