Someone you Know needs to be Encouraged Today

Earlier today I came across a super encouraging note from a friend telling me how much I mean to him and how much my input has meant in his life. Right away my spirits were lifted. For many years now I have kept a file with notes of encouragement that people have given me. That file is life-giving when I feel down.


Encouragement is critical. Encouragement keeps us going. But how often do you think about saying something encouraging to someone only to have that thought never leave your head? Check out this verse from the New Testament:

1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV “…Encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

We all need encouragement. I have never met a person who feels like he is encouraged or thanked too often. So instead of simply thinking about what a person has meant to you, consider actually telling them. Is there a person that you need to thank? Is there a person that you have thought about encouraging but haven’t done so? One person that I know writes one encouraging note five days a week. This habit helps him focus on being thankful for the role that others have played in his life or in the lives of others.

Here are a few ways to encourage or thank a person:

1.  Send a quick email or text.
2.  Make a phone call.
3.  Give someone a gift.
4.  Write a letter.
5.  Make a simple comment. (It’s not as awkward as you think)

Who do you need to thank? Who would you like to encourage? Why not do it now?

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What do you think? Comment and continue the conversation.

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Posted by Brian Howard

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  1. Nice post, so many times we miss the opportunity because we get so busy in this life.


    1. Approve.


  2. Brian – what an important topic – especially for we men. I find that I rarely ever receive verbal encouragement or affirmation, even among my Christian brothers. I don’t think we often know how to do that. Looking forward – I think as parents (dads) we need to teach our sons how to encourage through our very practice of it – modeling righteous behavior through Christ-centered communication (can be verbal, physical hug, or other methods such as email, texting, social networking) so that they too don’t grow up and consequently are emotionally dead. One of the real barriers to that I’m afraid – is this new thing called the I-Phone. It’s the new cigarette habit. Instead of guys outside smoking, they’re now isolating themselves from any (I say any) valuable communication. I observe this all the time. And I often think that guys are perfectly happy just to get lost in that little hand-held device to avoid any interaction at all. How sad! How are we going to learn how to encourage others if we altogether cease to even relate (eye to eye) with others with whom we have contact? Thanks for posting this article and for the practical tips therein. We obviously have some work to do.


    1. approve.


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