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The Second Staff Person a Church should Hire

Adding a second paid person to a church staff is a momentous occasion. You have grown! You can afford to hire someone! But who should a solo pastor or church planter should add to the “staff” team? A worship leader?


3 Church Staffing Mistakes to Avoid

Most churches designate funds to pay church leaders. Smaller churches may pay only one pastor while larger churches often pay many staff members. But how can a church best invest its limited amount of staffing dollars?  Who should we hire


How to Build the Perfect Church Staff

Do you have a great vision for your church, but wrestle with how to go about church staffing?  One of the most important decisions that a church can make is how to allocate and invest its staffing dollars. Pastors and churches must


A Clear Sign of a Miserable Job

Are you crystal clear of what is expected of you at work? One of the clearest indicators of a miserable job is a lack of clear expectations. What am I responsible for? Who do I report to? Who will tell


Why you Shouldn’t Hire another Staff Person

Convinced that you need more paid staff?  You might want to consider coaching before you make that move.  Here are three reasons why coaching is so valuable: