7 Reasons that People Quit Serving

People Quit Serving

  1. It wasn’t clear what I was supposed to do.
  2. I wasn’t sure who I was responsible to.
  3. I didn’t receive any real training or direction.
  4. No one ever told me how I was doing.
  5. I was continually asked to do more and more until it became too much.
  6. I was forgotten after I started the job.
  7. No one ever said thank you.

Which of these do you need to grow in with your staff or volunteers?  Feel free to Comment.



Posted by Brian Howard

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  1. This is great, Brian. Good reminders to those of us who often forget that one of our biggest priorities is to “equip the saints for ministry.”


  2. These are all great! I would add one more and that sometimes people want to be a part of the process of planning/deciding on the ministries and events.


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  4. I wasn’t sure how long ago this was posted, but on number 6, was the main thing that people were forgotten in shepherding, training, etc? This is more of a clarity question than anything else. Thank you!


    1. Gavin, Yes. It’s easy to forget that people are even there once they have been there a while


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