4 ways to Regain Sanity in your Life

4 ways to regain sanity

Feel like your schedule is out of control? Are you overcommitted? Most leaders I interact with feel like they are too busy. In fact, just about every person that I know feels like they are too busy. But you probably don’t have to be as busy as you are. In fact, Your busyness might be your own fault. Interested in taking back some of your time?

Here are 4 ways to Regain Sanity in your Life:

1. Never say, “Yes” to an invitation on the spot.

Saying “Yes” on the spot is a quick way to committing to something that you don’t want or need to commit to. When asked to do something, the easiest thing to say is,  “Yes.” But you aren’t in your right mind when you are put on the spot and have to make an immediate decision. When you quickly say, “Yes” in the moment, you often end up later regretting what you have committed to.  Instead of saying, “Yes” on the spot, get used to saying “Sounds like a great idea. Give me a couple of days to get back to you.” You will make much better decisions when you give yourself time to make them.

2. Make “No” your default answer.

When considering whether or not you should do something, consider making “No” your default answer. I have previously written that Most of us need to say “No” more often.  It’s better to say “No” now than to cancel later. And keep in mind, You don’t owe anyone a detailed explanation for saying “No.”

3. Every time you say, “Yes” to one thing, say, “No” to two other things.

You can’t keep saying, “Yes” forever without saying, “No” to other things. Why not look for two things to eliminate? A leader constantly needs to reevaluate priorities. What was a priority yesterday may not be as much of a priority today. Just because it WAS a priority does not mean that it is STILL a priority. Take some time to clean out the clutter that used to be important, but is not today.

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4. Allow margin in your schedule.

Take a look at your calendar. Does everything run together? You need time and space in between scheduled events to breathe. Consider allowing 30 minutes between appointments. You can check email, call your significant other, pour a cup of coffee, have a conversation, or do a little reading. Leaving margin in your day will help keep you sane!

How about you? What works for you? I’d love it if you shared with a comment.

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