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Hard Conversation


Most of us don’t like hard conversations.  Few of us charge head first into conflict.  But without difficult conversations we don’t have real relationships.   Author Tim Ferris goes so far as to say that, “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations that he or she is willing to have.”

In healthy relationships, people don’t let tensions rise until they explode.  Instead, they work through issues as they arise, acknowledging tensions rather than covering them up.  What are the consequences of postponing hard conversations?

Avoiding conflict ruins relationships

Whole families are dysfunctional because of the absence of conflict.  By conflict, I don’t mean throwing things and hitting people.  I mean being willing to have hard conversations, confront where necessary, and speak the truth in love.  A family that doesn’t engage in and work through healthy conflict is broken.

Avoiding conflict won’t make it go away

Many people believe that if they procrastinate long enough they can avoid the hard conversation. In fact, avoiding conflict usually makes things worse.

Avoiding conflict is bad leadership

Good leaders don’t avoid hard conversations.   In your home, with your kids, with those who work under you, with those around you, commit to speaking the truth in love.

Who do you need to have a hard conversation with?

Posted by Brian Howard

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