Five Church Planting Dangers

5 church planting dangers

Planting a Church? Then you should read this post by Tim Chester.

Here are 5 church planting dangers that he unpacks:

1. Planting a Replica Church

Cloning your past experience or someone else’s model.

2. Planting a Reactionary Church

You know exactly what you are not going to be. And you are ready to tell us all how to do church finally the right way.

3. Planting a Romantic Church

The church that you have always wanted, but it might not even fit your context.

4. Planting a Restorationist Church

You’re going first-century style. Acts 2. Except that no one is getting killed.

5. Planting a Reductionist Church

Are you even different from the culture you are a part of?

Seriously. Read this article if you are anywhere near church planting.

What would you add to this? Please comment and add your insight!

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Posted by Brian Howard

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