A New Way to keep Pornography out of your Home

Like many of you, I am intensely concerned to keep all forms of pornography out of my home. Over the years, I have repeatedly witnessed the destructive force of pornography in the lives of men, marriages, kids, and the victims of sex industries.

We have four kids that range in age from 8 years old to 14 years old. Between the 6 of us, we have a dozen different devices connected to the web in our home. For years, we have used software filters or accountability software to screen out porn. When we recently learned about a new device that promises to keep Internet Porn out of our house, we were excited to give it a try. The device is a router manufactured by Pandora’s Hope. The company promises that its router is easy to set up, works on computers and mobile devices, stops pornography at the “Gateway”, and causes no noticeable loss of browser speed. Today, I plugged in my new Pandora’s Hope Router for the first time. Here is my review:


The Pandora’s Hope router was a breeze to set up. I plugged it into my cable modem and one minute later, the lights on the front turned green indicating that it was ready to go. Next, I went to wi-fi on my computer and clicked on the wi-fi network called “Pandora’s Hope Wizard.” It took about 2 minutes after this to configure a username, and password and setup was complete. The final step was clicking on the wi-fi Network “Pandora’s Hope”, entering my password, and boom goes the dynamite, I was set up in less than 5 minutes. Setup Grade: A


After connecting to the Pandora’s Hope router I clicked through a few Web Sites: Yahoo, Huffington Post, etc and noticed a few ads that had been blocked. Questionable advertisements were replaced with the Pandora’s Hope logo. Other than this, the browsing experience felt pretty much the same as before. Browsing Grade: A


With all of our devices, we subscribe to the Cable Company’s fastest wi-fi plan. My greatest concern in connecting this new router was that speed may slow down. To check this, I ran Speed tests on three different sites and my wi-fi speed was just as fast with the Pandora’s Hope router as before. It will take some time to tell if browsing speed is as fast as before, but so far I have seen no notable loss in speed with the Pandora’s Hope router. Speed Grade: A

Pandora's Hope Router


So far I have connected 2 computers, 2 phones, 1 iPad and 1 Apple TV. All were super easy to connect, and Duck Dynasty is currently playing through the Apple TV. Works on Multiple Devices Grade: A


Both of my sons play Minecraft. Much to their dismay, this has been a bit of a problem since hooking up this new router. Though they are still able to play we have not yet figured out how to make some elements of the game work. My sons will be working on this over the weekend. Minecraft Grade: C (So far)


On day one of using the Pandora’s Hope router, I have found this router to be an intriguing option for anyone looking to keep pornography out of your home!

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Posted by Brian Howard

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