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Three Times to NOT Hire a Person

There is little that is more important for an organization than having the right people on the team. When interviewing potential candidates for an open position, it can be tempting to hire a person too quickly in order to get


What to do BEFORE Firing a Person

Thinking about firing a person from your team? In the past week, I have written two posts concerning letting staff members go from your team: When You Should Fire a Person from your Team How to Fire a Person from your


Why You Should Give Bonuses to Your Church Staff

This article is a guest post by Chris Speten. Chris has been the Executive Deacon at Grace City Church in Wenatchee, WA since 2011. He joined GCC in full-time ministry after 14-years in civil construction, international shipping, and regional sales


How to Hire the Right Assistant

Hiring an assistant is almost always a wise and important move for a leader. So important that I argue that the first person that you should hire is an assistant. Why? Because you have too much specialized training and are


Why Performance Evaluations Don’t Work

It’s time for Performance Evaluations! It’s your job to make sure that those who you oversee are doing good work. You have to make sure that resources are being invested wisely. And you would also like to get feedback on how